CFF Communications – Behind the Scenes #10

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In this Behind the Scenes update, we share how we supported many clients in these unprecedented times. Below, you’ll find a brief story on the energy and drive at CFF Communications during the Covid-19 pandemic, more information about how we can support your business, and a fresh selection of client cases.

Please enjoy the read, stay safe, and feel free to get in touch for a (virtual) cup of coffee.    

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Uneke Dekkers 

👉 CFF Communications during Covid-19  

We are pleased to report that all is reasonably well at CFF (everything considered). Although the business has been impacted by Covid-19, our role in helping clients during critical times meant we still had work to do. While areas of our businesses slowed down, we did experience an increased demand for other types of support. We’ve been busy helping our clients with market updates, media insights, virtual AGM’s and town halls, and H1 updates.  

From our home offices and our office in Amsterdam, with clear Covid-19 safety regulations in place, business continued, with just as much energy and drive. Our senior consultant Suzanne Bakker was even part of the shift to online teaching and held our annual lecture for students at Hogeschool Leiden from her home office. 

In the meantime, we hired two new team members for our Media Intelligence team. And we are looking for a new office manager to join our team. 

Because of our financial communications experience, we are in a unique position when it comes to communicating the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and we are more than happy to discuss some of the best practices with you. 

🏎️ Celebrating’s primary sponsorship deal for the Circuit Zandvoort  

After supporting with their listing on February 21 this year, we more recently helped with the activities around their sponsorship of the circuit  in Zandvoort. This included media relations, event organisation and branding activities.’s partnership with Circuit Zandvoort and the Dutch Grand Prix is a good example of how the sports and event industry has adapted to the impact of the pandemic.  

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💪 Supporting HEMA in deal with its creditors on strengthening of its balance sheet 

In June 2020, Dutch retailer HEMA announced it had reached an agreement with a group of creditors to deleverage and strengthen its balance sheet after being burdened by an unsustainable level of debt under previous ownership in 2014. This agreement significantly reduced gross debt to €300m from €750m. As a result of the proposed controlled debt recapitalisation, the company has now realised an enhanced liquidity position through issuance of €42m new Private Placement Notes.  

This creates room for HEMA to navigate the challenging market circumstances as Covid-19 continues to hit the retail environment. Following the initial announcement, steps are being taken to take this plan forward to the final stages of the agreement, securing HEMA’s future and giving HEMA the opportunity to execute on its business strategy. 

CFF Communications acts as the communications advisor of the company

 🎈 CFF Communications congratulates JDE Peet’s with a successful listing  

In this difficult year, JDE Peet’s pulled off a successful listing at Euronext Amsterdam in a record time. 

“A successful listing in these days. That’s an extraordinary achievement,” concludes our managing director Uneke Dekkers. CFF supported JDE Peet’s with media insights, media relations and event coordination during the transaction.  

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🌱 Supporting the TIKI taskforce with their green energy infrastructure advice for the Minister of Economic Affairs  

In the period from January to May, CFF Communications supported the independent Taskforce Infrastructure Climate Agreement Industry (TIKI). The members of the Task Force have written advice to the Minister of Economic Affairs on how energy infrastructure should be utilised and constructed in order to achieve the climate objectives in the Climate Agreement.  

The advice has been well received by Dutch media and the main stakeholders involved. Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate will respond substantively this autumn in a letter to Dutch Parliament.  

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👁️ Arming our clients with tailored Covid-19 insights 

When news about the Covid-19 pandemic reached the Netherlands, there was still lot of uncertainty about the potential impact on public health, the economy and businesses. Our team of media analysts supported numerous clients with the latest facts from both media and government sources.

In specific Covid-19 overviews, we have been covering local, national and international developments to create tailormade overviews and help our clients make informed decisions. 

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👉 Supporting Reward Value in its mission toward responsible remuneration 

Reward Value, a not-for-profit research initiative, aims for remuneration policies that contribute to long-term value creation as current remuneration methods remain too much focused on short-term financial results, incentivising management to also prioritise the short term financial targets instead of the longer term societal value creation.

On 15 July 2020 Reward Value presented its response to the European Commission’s consultation on the renewed sustainable finance strategy. In its response, Reward Value emphasizes that, amongst others, greater standardization of the form and content of integrated reporting not only improves transparency and comparability, but it is also essential to arrive at remuneration policies that encourages long-term value creation. Incorporating ESG policies and a structural extension of the remuneration horizon will support companies to achieve long-term value creation for shareholders and other stakeholders.

CFF Communications acts as the communications advisor to Reward Value  

About CFF Communications 

Established in 1993, CFF Communications has evolved to become the leading agency for financial and corporate communication in the Netherlands. With a dedicated team of 40 professionals, the agency delivers quality services including media relations, crisis communications, investor relations, media monitoring, public affairs and content creation. 

 CFF Communications is also the leading agency for the communication of IPOs on Euronext Amsterdam. For the last 23 years, former Grayling Nederland has worked with top brands in the automotive, technology, retail and hospitality sector. The newly named CFF Communications Brand team will continue supporting  leading international brands with creative campaign creation and execution. 

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