CFF Communications – Behind the Scenes #8

As we are gearing up for the H1 results season, we are looking back on an eventful first half of 2019. In this update, you will learn more about some of the highlights of our work in the first six months of the year.

For most of our work, we would have to ask you to sign an NDA. In these cases, however, we are more than happy to give you a peek behind the scenes, and introduce you to our newest team members.

Supporting KAS BANK with the internal and external communications of a public offer from CACEIS

In February, Dutch custodian KAS BANK and CACEIS, part of the French Crédit Agricole, announced they reached agreement on a public offer for KAS BANK. The agreement signals the start of a formal process of several months, with the intention of KAS BANK becoming a branch of CACEIS.

CFF is supporting KAS BANK with internal and external communications, including investor relations, around the deal, from announcement, through launch and tender period, EGM and finally, if all goes according to plan, a delisting from Euronext.

With valuable insights provided by our media intelligence team we make sure the KAS BANK team is up to date on all relevant developments. Contact your account manager or click here to learn more about our financial communications expertise. 

Developing a political monitoring service for LeasePlan

Following the appointment of Jan Willem Blok as Director Public Affairs, our media intelligence team developed a political monitoring service on behalf of LeasePlan. With the recent publication of the Climate Agreement and the extensive efforts of the Dutch government, including new initiatives on mobility, electric vehicles, and sustainability, the political landscape will become even more relevant in our day-to-day lives.

For a growing number of our existing clients, we are extending the scope of our monitoring service to also cover relevant political developments. Contact your account manager or the media intelligence team to learn more about our political monitoring service.

Inspirational news stories for ING’s social media ambassadors

Sourcing internal knowledge, experience, content and enthusiasm, ING has kicked off a voluntary programme to turn employees into powerful brand advocates. Employees received the tools, training and content to become influential brand ambassadors, by sharing relevant insights with their personal networks.

CFF’s media analysts are supporting ING with sourcing, categorising and uploading news content. The articles are being shared by ING’s growing team of social media ambassadors across the globe. Contact your account manager or the media intelligence team to learn more about our inspirational news content.

Supporting Solarcentury with the opening of their solar farm in Budel

Last month, our consultants Aniek Zweers and Presthaya Fixter supported Solarcentury with the opening of one of the largest solar farms in the Netherlands. The site will provide energy for 12,500 households.

The launch event showed how partnerships between investors, authorities, financial institutions, and citizens can successfully support the energy transition. Contact your account manager or click here to learn more about our media relations. 

The Ocean Cleanup back in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

After the launch of System 001 in September 2018 The Ocean Cleanup recently returned to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. After having made design modifications, System 001/B was launched on June 18th. The system is expected to be offshore for approximately two months during which multiple design adaptions will be tested.

The Ocean Cleanup’s vessel will contain interchangeable components, should this be required. These can be added or removed while offshore. Quicker iteration cycles will allow the team to adapt faster and reach a proof of concept as soon as possible. The next few months will be informative and exciting, and The Ocean Cleanup anticipates learning a lot about its technology and the environment.

Ever since the early start in 2014, CFF and The Ocean Cleanup have been working together as one team. Five years later we are still as excited! Being part of this challenging and valuable journey and sharing all the good, fun as well as arduous times make us a proud partner of The Ocean Cleanup. Contact your account manager or click here to learn more about our media relations. 

Updating our CFF News service with integrated newsletters

At the start of the year, our head of digital Pim te Bokkel presented the CFF News tool at an event of our technology partner OrangeTrail. With CFF News, we directly publish relevant news content on the internal social networks, intranet, narrowcasting and social collaboration tools of our clients, including Jacobs Douwe Egberts, to spark conversations by employees about relevant subjects.

We have launched a series of updates to our CFF News system in the first months of this year. This will allow us to integrate our service for internal platforms with branded internal newsletters. Contact your account manager or the media intelligence team to learn more about our inspirational news content.

Refresco Group featured by the BBC: why data is the next ingredient of your diet

In the television series Follow the Food, the BBC explores whether technological innovation and modern agriculture can rise to the challenge of feeding the planet in a sustainable way. In the first episode ‘Closing the Gap’, the broadcaster highlights the orange juice blockchain pilot by Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn and our client Refresco Group.

It’s highly-recommended episode, also available in a multimedia long-read format, for everyone who wants to learn why data is more and more becoming the next ingredient of your diet.

We’ve strengthened our team with 5 new talented analysts and consultants

In the first half of this year, we have strengthened our team with five new talented communications professionals.

Ruben Cardol and Séverine van Tuyll van Serooskerken joined CFF’s team of consultants as consultant and senior consultant. Anhela Alickovic, Jan Balk and Maarten ter Horst joined our media intelligence team as media analysts.

Update from our branding colleagues from Grayling Nederland

Great news from our branding colleagues from Grayling Nederland as well: they will start working for Garmin, the world’s leading GPS tech firm.

Our colleagues from the Huntsworth network will support this clients with influencer marketing as well as digital and traditional media.

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