CFF and TechShare: What’s key to consider before your IPO

To round up Euronext’s TechShare program edition 2018-2019, we were delighted to host the final workshop for a pre-selected group of 15 Dutch tech entrepreneurs keen to learn more about an IPO process and life-post listing.

TechShare is an international educational program for tech entrepreneurs and top management of tech scale-ups, launched by Euronext in 2015. The program helps entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with how to manage growth funding and how to deal with the capital markets at large, including an IPO. The program consists of two international summits held at leading universities and four workshops in the Netherlands hosted by the expert partners of the program. Participation is free of charge. The selection of new candidates for the upcoming edition of Techshare (2019 – 2020) is bound to start.

Doing an IPO and being listed, provides CEOs and CFOs not only with new opportunities but also brings along new responsibilities. We believe it is important for management to have a good upfront understanding of what it means to do an IPO, to be listed and to get a feel for dealing with the financial community, in case they see an IPO as a potential next step in their company’s future development.

But there’s more, a lot more, the entrepreneurs who participated in the TechShare program learned, as this video from Euronext shows:

If you’re a tech entrepreneur, CEO or CFO and in case you are interested to hear more about what we had to share in our workshop or if you are interested in participating in the TechShare programme edition 2019-2020, we would be happy to have a chat.

Tell me more about the workshop and TechShare!

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